Stable Diet Milk Chocolate Flapjack

Milk Chocolate Flapjack Stable Diet Milk Chocolate Flapjack

Our original flapjack smothered in thick milk chocolate…Bliss!

All our flapjacks are wheat-free.

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Ingredients and nutrition
Nutritional Information
Typical value(g) per80g per 100g
Energy 1690 (KJ)
404 (Kcal)
2113 (KJ)
505 (Kcal)
Protein 5.3 6.7
Carbohydrate 44.8 55.9
of which sugars 25.5 31.9
Fat 22.7 28.4
of which saturates 11.1 13.9
Fibre 4.0 5.0
Sodium 0.1 0.2
Jumbo Oat Flakes (37%), Belgian Milk Chocolate (35% cocoa solids)(24%), Brown Cane Sugar, Butter, Non-hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.
Allergy Information
Contains Oats & Milk products.May contain traces of nuts or seeds.
Storage Information
Store in a cool, dry place and away from strong odours.
Customer comments...
This is the best flapjack on the market. Crunchy and not too sweet.11am would not be complete without one. Ive been known to walk to a different shop if there sold out, rather then getting something else.
Date Mon 22 Feb 2010
Just wanted to compliment you on your flapjacks - tastiest flapjacks i've had!
Date Wed 24 Feb 2010
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